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Real estate in Turks & Caicos is about to become our hottest investment at Corcoran, and here’s why. As a British Overseas Territory, Turks & Caicos is a self-governed, peaceful nation, with robust political and economic structures. Residents enjoy a peaceful existence and smooth service delivery across each of its inhabited islands – and so can you!
Great Investment Climate
With a Sovereign Credit Rating of BBB+, the government of Turks & Caicos consistently demonstrates its pro-business approach. It has put into place several attractive tax incentives, with no corporate, personal, capital gains, or inheritance tax. While there is a once-off stamp duty and transfer tax of property and title deeds, this is absolute and guaranteed by the British Monarchy. Turks & Caicos has no tax treaties in place with other countries, exempting anyone in the country from foreign tax. With no foreign exchange controls, investors can also move money without any implications. Despite these relaxed conditions, the country is committed to transparency and complies with all FATF, IMF, and OECD standards, while ensuring stringent reporting. Another aspect many investors find appealing is that they may qualify for temporary or even permanent residence.
Incredible Lifestyle

Turks & Caicos affords its citizens among the best lifestyles in the world. Beyond its impossible range of activities to choose from, there are also numerous 5-star resorts, high-end restaurants, and grocery stores dotted across each inhabited island, with numerous colorful markets and eateries to visit.

The largest hospital is located on Providenciales, with a smaller medical center on Grand Turks. These islands also offer full-service banking, with ATMs across Turks & Caicos operating 24 hours a day.

Things to See + Do on Turks & Caicos

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